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19 July 2007 @ 10:35 am
We Mix Because We Love!  
We are here to celebrate the birthday of a very special person! Jared is 25 and in honor of this momentous occasion, strippedpink and I decided to put together a little mix of 25 songs that remind us of Jared.

We did this because we are:

a) Awesome.
b) Obsessed.
c) Crazy.
d) All of the above and we don't really care!

Lindsay also put together a special edition of Daily Padalecki to go with the music! Because she is special and wonderful like that. So be sure to check out the mix! You can find it here at my journal or here at Lindsay's. Yes, it's the same mix/pics. But Jared's a big guy and deserves a big huge celebration that spans several posts!

Come join us in celebrating!