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birthdaywhack's Journal

Jared wants birthday spankings!
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Jared Fangirl [Jaredus Fangirlus] \JAYrud-PHANgurl\, noun:
    1. One who exhibits startling lack of control when presented with any form of one Jared Tristan Padalecki.
    2. Displaying or suggesting a great deal of interest in shaggy-haired boys from Texas; puppy lovers.
    3. One who forsakes all others for dimples and long legs; likes candy; excitable; capable of some serious fangirling.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the birthday of one Jared Tristan Padalecki. Our boy turns 25 years old this year and we figured what better way to celebrate than to throw an LJ party? We invite Jared’s fangirls to show their love through any method that inspires you…fic, icons, art, fan mixes, picspams, poetry, phone posts, haikus, meta….absolutely anything that floats your boat.

There are only two rules:

    1. Everything posted to this community must include Jared.
    2. Hold all your posting until July 19 when we’ll kick off the celebration extravaganza!

So tell us….how do YOU think Jared would most like to celebrate his birthday?

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I'm so happy with my family, my career and my friends, and I'd like for them to be here forever.
-- Jared Padalecki
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